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Saturday, April 22th, 2007

Hello All,

Please sign up and reserve the date of Sunday afternoon, April 22nd at 1pm.

I have made special arrangements for 3 guests to come to the Springfield area to teach the Weather Merit badge. You can find the requirements here: and the worksheet here:

Our guest teachers are:

  1. Rob Macedo is the ARES SKYWARN Coordinator for the National Weather Service in Taunton, MA (2 hours from here)
  2. Jim is the North Shore Mass. Assistant SKYWARN Coordinator. Jim is also a Boy Scout Leader
  3. Ray Webber is the Western Mass. SKYWARN Coordinator

To learn more about SKYWARN, go here:

The class will be at the AMES Priviledge Offices in Chicopee where Ray works. There is a meeting area large enough to seat 40+ people and audio and visual aids are present to help with the presentation. Directions will be given out at Beth El before we car pool to Chicopee.

I hope that you will all sign up. I have heard Rob speak at other functions and he loves anything to do with weather and always makes his talks interesting to all.

If you have not signed up at the last Thursday meeting, please email me at:

Thank you,

Larry Krainson


I always need pictures, I could use a Brief description the event

Contact Ron Morrissette with any information

I could also use a narrative of how the event went