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Popcorn Sale 2008

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Sunday, October 19th


Sunday, November 2nd

On Sunday, October 19th, 6 scouts set up at the Lincoln Street Stop and Shop in Holyoke. The goal was to sell as much popcorn as possible. Both entrances were covered from noon to around 5pm.

Thru a lot of effort and chatting with Stop and Shop customers, nearly $500 in sales and donations were racked up. As the day got later, it got colder and windier. The temperature hovered around 49 degrees! We were all glad to wrap up and head home to warmth.

We will be back at the same location on November 1, 2008. We plan on being there when the store opens at 9am and staying late into the afternoon or early evening. Everyone must dress warmer.

You must listen to these!

Popcorn Song

Popcorn Song Encore

John Henle created them and Matt Laverdiere played the guitar.



Here are the popcorn show and sell pics from today, Sunday, November 2nd. The sales were from 2 tables at St. Mary's in the morning, one at the Longmeadow Mobil station all day and one for a few hours in front of the ATM at Hampden Bank in Longmeadow. All resulted in $1011 in sales.

The sales in Holyoke at the Stop and Shop on Lincoln Road on 11-1-08 resulted in $982 in sales.

The sales two weeks ago at the same Stop and Shop resulted in $643 in sales.

All added up equals $2637 in show and sell popcorn sales!

Great work Scouts!