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Freedom Trail

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Friday - Sunday, December 12-14, 2008

Freedom Trail Trip Comments


Dean Ascioti:  Met Red Sox pitcher Manny Delcarmen, got his autograph and saw both 2004 and 2007 World Series trophies.


Josh PerkinsMy favorite part of the trip is when I was trying to get on an unstable bunk but failed and did a Super-Man dive.  Well, that wasn't my favorite part; the best part was climbing at the last step of the Bunker Hill Monument.

Jacob Krainson:

Bill Mackenzie: I had a great time getting to know the scouts.  The most interesting thing I saw was a monument for Ben Franklin.  Interesting because it showed his birth year and we realized that he was 70 years old at the start of the Revolutionary War.  The monument at the Battle of Bunker Hill was also a blast.  Really tough climb (Mr. Virgilio did it twice) but awesome views from the top.

Trish Maiolo: The Freedom Trail trip was great. Chef Melvin did a wonderful job with the meals and the cubbies were a great addition to the group. Matt brought his guitar and we were entertained by some very talented boys.

The Scouts especially the cubbies did great on the walk, although the Bunker Hill monument was huge with the 294 steps to the top, the view was amazing. We stopped at Faneuil Hall to eat lunch and were greeted by caroler's dressed in 1800's period clothing.

While at the scout campground we had the opportunity to observe a few other Boy Scout troops. I have to say that after witnessing the manners and actions of the other troops (boys and adults) I have to overwhelmingly compliment OUR Scouts on their behavior.

I would definitely go on this trip again (minus the stairs at Bunker Hill) it was a great weekend.


Greg Virgilio:  Melvin Rivera is a boss cook and makes the biggest pancakes in the world.    It was awfully cold out on Saturday night so I wrapped myself up in one of his leftover pancakes and stayed warm even though it got down to eight degrees.  In the morning I was hungry so I ate my way out. 


Melvin Rivera:  I enjoyed the trip. It was a whole lot of fun. The food was good and it was a great trail to do on a very cold weekend. Some of the scouts enjoyed the chocolate covered strawberries that we made for the cracker barrel. I hope we do another trip like this!