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Flag Placement 2008

Boy Scout Flag

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Just in time for Veterans Day, Troop 32 was asked by the Jewish War Veterans Association to place flags on the graves of war veterans in the ICHA (Independant City of Homes Association) Cemetary. The old flags were removed to be disposed of properly and new flags were put in their place. In some instances, flags were placed where no flags had been before.

The following Scouts volunteered an hour of their time on Sunday afternoon, November 9, 2008:

1. Chris Dowd 2. Nick Drennan 3. John Henle 4. Jacob Krainson

The following adults also assisted the scouts:

1. Jim Dowd 2. Faye Krainson 3. Larry Krainson

This is a job that Troop 32 has taken on to continue into the future. Those who have done it before us are getting on in their years and are unable to walk the un-even terrain, the scouts can accomplish this task easily. The ICHA cemetery will be taken care of by us for the future. The next flag placement will be before Memorial Day 2009.

This only took an hour to complete and was a very honorable thing to do. We hope that more scouts will volunteer in the future!