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Camp Training and Cooking for Longmeadow Webelo's

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Webelo Woods Camping 101

Presented by Troop 32

May 9, 2009



          In late fall 2008, a few of the Longmeadow leaders asked me if I would come in and speak to the parents and scouts about prepping for Webelo Woods. Instead of doing it myself, I turned it into another showcase of Troop 32 and let the scouts do the interactive demo, answer questions and just add some comments from myself and another leader.

          On the morning of Saturday, May 9th, 2009 the following scouts and leaders gathered behind the Wolf Swamp School in Longmeadow.

  • Chris Miller
  • John Henle
  • Alex Henle
  • Mike Beauregard
  • Jacob Krainson
  • Melvin Rivera
  • ASM Peter Beauregard
  • ASM Larry Krainson

We set up beastie boiling some water in the background first. I created a small outline and handed it to the parents and the T32 scouts had something to follow order wise too.

First was setting up a mini version of our regular camp setup with the ez-ups for cooking and food prep and an explanation of cleaning. Then we set up a tent and explained about the use of a footprint or under tent tarp. You can take a peak at the outline for a better picture of what we covered.

As an interactive demo, we fielded questions as they came up and a few notes were taken by the Webelos. Then it was time to have everyone make their own “barf bags” or eggs in a bag. But the Webelo scouts loved the name barf in a bag and thought it was hysterical! Each scout and parent made their own bag and added peppers, onions and salt or pepper seasoning. We didn’t go crazy with the add-ins for the demo.

With Chef Melvin guarding the boiling pot, we discussed safety, proper cooking time and more. As it started to drizzle we all congregated under the 2nd ez-up.

In attendance were 8 or 9 scouts and their parents. We pretty much covered everything in the outline and gave the parents a few hints on how to set up their Webelo Woods campsites and how to clean it up for inspection. All the parents thanked us for out time and for the ideas that we presented to them. We also mentioned how our troop was going to be at WW and if any help was needed, they could count on us for it.

Once everything was done and the cubs and their parents left, the T32 scouts tore down and cleaned up and we returned the trailer to its parking location at the temple.

I would guess that we might be asked back to do another demo in future years as this one was well accepted.

ASM Larry Krainson

Dear Larry,

Forgive my rudeness in not sending this out earlier. I did want to compliment you all on the wonderful program that you held for us. We really learned a lot. As I was driving one of my cubbies home, I asked him what he had learned. He told me an amazing amount of details and how he was excited about using the information at WWoods. I'm a former Girl Scout and I still learned a lot of stuff! Please thank your Boy Scouts for being such great teachers. I look forward to seeing you all at WWoods. Please consider you all invited to our space for Cracker Barrell Saturday night!

Sincerely yours,

Elaine Berardi


Den Leader, Webelo One, Pack 295