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 Camping and Outdoors Guide 2007-2008

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What to Bring

All Campouts (required)

Weekend-size Backpack

Sleeping Bag

Ground pad or personal air mattress

Clothes for two days, packed in plastic bag within backpack or duffel bag -- extra pair of shoes suggested

Coat (Season appropriate)

Poncho or raincoat

Sweater or sweatshirt

Flashlight or lantern with extra batteries

Mess Kit and Utensils

Water Bottle or canteen

Toiletries: Soap, towels, toothbrush, etc


Cold Weather Campouts (October-March)

2nd Sleeping bag or Blanket liner

Winter Coat

Waterproof Boots (if snow on ground)

Knitted Hat

Gloves (2 pairs)


Optional Equipment


Bathing Suit (May-September)

First aid kit

Folding jackknife (if the boy has earned hit Totin’ Chip card)

Camp chair


Food - The boys in the troop take turns preparing meals.  The per-person fee includes the camping fee, Friday Cracker-barrel, Saturday Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, and Sunday Breakfast.  Your boy should plan to bring a bag lunch or to eat prior to leaving on the departure day.  If you have dietary conditions or any problem with the choice of meals, please let Dr. Kelley know as soon as possible.  Note:  Troop 32 observes and practices Kosher food preparation.

Troop Equipment – The troop maintains an inventory of tents, cooking utensils and other camping-related equipment.  We ask all boys to respect the Troop’s equipment and to take the proper care and use of the equipment.

At each campout, individual Scouts are required to bring a tent home to allow it to dry out.  The tent should be set up indoors (if possible) and allowed to dry out.  The tent should be returned to the Troop at the next meeting.  This duty is rotated among the boys.

In addition, other equipment may be periodically sent home for cleaning (pots, pans, etc.) The Scout is asked to clean the equipment and return at the next Troop meeting.

First Aid and Safety -- In the event of an accident that requires First Aid, see a Troop leader immediately.  Sufficient first aid supplies travel with the Troop on every event.  It is crucial that the Buddy System be adhered to at all times.  

Prohibited Items -- As with any Scout outing, the following should be left home and are strictly forbidden.  These items include cell phones, hatchets, sheath knives, electronic games, radios/tape & CD players, fireworks, firearms and ammunition, bows & arrows, wrist rockets, slingshots, squirt guns, water balloons, alcoholic beverages, and aerosol sprays.

Questions?  Call:

John Kelley         Scoutmaster             567-2148                                                     

Jim Dowd           Asst. Scoutmaster     530-0031

Dean Ascioti       Asst. Scoutmaster     592-0144

Fritz Schmidt      Committee Chair        594-9196