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Saturday & Sunday, November 10 & 11, 2007

Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail 2 days 1 night and a total of 11.3 miles

We will enter the AT near to where it crosses MA/ CT state line in South Egremont. The first day will consist of a short detour south to the top of Bear Mt. for a wonderful view in all directions and then back down and a northerly trek. As we hike north we will pass through and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Sages ravine.

The boys will race up Race mountain and stop for lunch allowing the adults time to catch up. We will finish the day hiking to our campsite which will be the Race Brook tenting area about .5 miles off the AT. We will cover 7 miles counting the detour to the top of Bear Mt.

At the tenting area will set up our tents and cook dinner. After dinner and clean-up campfire conversation will include discussion about the Wild West trip of 2009 and ideas about where we want to go. It will also include backpacking tip ideas and equipment.

The hike out on Sunday will continue north over Mt. Everett with beautiful views to the east as the trail climbs the rocky ridge on the east side of Mt. Everett. Summit elevation is about 2600 ft and our total elevation gain will be about 1500 ft. This is not incredibly strenuous but it’s no picnic if you aren’t in pretty good shape. We will descend Mt Everett heading north and end where the AT crosses Jug End Road. Total mileage for the day will be about 5.3

Any scouts who are interested can sign up. Any scouts who are signed up for the Western Backpacking Adventure in 2009 should plan on participating. This will be one of the backpacking trips offered to achieve the backpacking merit badge. This merit badge will be required to participate in the “Western Backpacking Trip” We must have at least one more adult and any adults who want to go are welcome.

Boys will need a backpack capable of holding the essentials for an overnight trip including rain gear, sleeping bag, tent, water container, food. Hiking boots are a good idea. We will discuss equipment requirements in more detail at an upcoming meeting.

Boy Scout Backpacking Items List (PDF)

Permision Slip

Please notice that on the permission slip it says we must have the equipment list signed by the parent. Certain equipment when backpacking is essential to a safe and enjoyable outing. Scout leaders may not be able to verify that each item of essential equipment is included and carried by each scout. The leaders are asking the parent/guardian to verify that each item required on the list be put into or onto the backpack. Procedurally, this is done first by gathering and placing each essential item on the floor around the pack and then checking off the item on the checklist as it is placed into the backpack. When this procedure is completed sign the equipment list and put it into the backpack. Everything must be carried by the scout. Leaders can not be expected to carry anything the scout will be required to bring. In addition, the backpack must meet the weight constraint listed below. (not more than 25-30% of body weight).

Contact Persons: Greg Virgilio or Peter Beauregard

Bring your cameras, I always need pictures

Contact Ron Morrissette with any information

I could also use a narrative of how the event went