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Arrunah Hill Campout 2009

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November 13 to 15 2009

We arrived Friday evening and we did the only stargazing we were going to do all weekend before the clouds rolled in an obscured the heavens. Scouts present were David Brazeau, PL John Henley, Patrick Sznicer,and Devon Major. We unloaded our gear and hiked the short distance to Scout Heaven, a very nice hut. We awoke Saturday morning to rain and some wind. We made our breakfast, eggs in a bags and Patrick Sznicer and Devon Major did the food prep for their second class requirement.

After breakfast we took a hike in the rain. We had a couple of scouts without boots so we made up some booties out of plastic bags and put them on over their socks to keep their feet dry. (If we could people in the Troop to donate old boots or clothing this would help others. Another suggestion would be to have scout families contribute outgrown clothing such as boots and gloves and hats etc to the troop so that others could buy it and donate the money toward the troop which sounded like a good idea to me.) The hike was short but nice. Arrunah hill has some nice paths for hiking but unless there are other trails not shown on the map you canít do a five mile hike, we didnít have time for that much hiking anyway.

After the short hike we ate lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the pavilion. After lunch Ed Faits, President of the Arrunah Hills Science Center Inc. gave us a fun and interesting lecture on astronomy. He covered the safety items first and then spoke about the dun, the planets and our moon. The teaching was fun because he made it interesting by involving the scouts. We learned a lot of cool stuff about the solar system, the planets and the stars. In addition we got a tour of Arrunah Hill telescopes including the Gaertner which is a 6Ērefractory tracking telescope. It got us started on our Astronomy Merit badge. We have a lot of work to finish it but it was a great start.

Saturday evening we made dinner of Philmont Packs which are always a favorite because they are easy and delicious and clean-up is easy too.

We left Sunday morning after a quick and easy breakfast and a thorough clean up.

We would like to go back to Arrunah to complete the merit badge requirements and do some star gazing on a night when you can see the stars. It is a great place to do this because there is very little light pollution and a relatively high altitude. It also has great accommodations for camping at Scout heaven and eating in the pavilion.

Scoutmaster Virgilio